Saturday, November 12, 2011

i miss bue

i miss my bue...T_T


well right now i am technically single,for my bue is married to his books because of his exams...=/ namja chingu is such a busy body.
wait!!---i'll tell u guys his routine!

night::too tired to even talk to me


and as if his schedule wasn't packed enough,he has to study more!!


its 2.30am...i miss him!

i have finally finished my very first yunjae fic,but i am too lazy to type it down.

have a nasty headache and my bue is not here to give a good mallis..T_T

complaining too much...going away now.

oh here is a pic of me and my sweet bue


Sunday, November 6, 2011

another fun sunday...=D

well like i had said last night i went to meet bue's friends.
it was fun..but my stupid bue sometimes he tends to forget i dont speak his he along with his friends were speaking in an alien language for an hour!!!---imagine me!without even speaking a word for an hour!!
god!!---i was so mad at him!!
but i told him later and made him a secret...=P

so my bue's friends were such a sweetheart!
adina and soft spoken and kind.
it was fun..
here's me with them.
i am soo fat...>.<

i orderded for a green apple soda and i got the cutest ice cubes..ummm more like weird shaped ice.

oooo...and i found the cutest sweaters!!but my bue said that i look like a kola in the brown one...=/
he doesn't have any sense of cuteness...=P
ok back to my sweaters...they are sooooooooo cute and i got it for so cheap,like dirt cheap!!

i am happy with sani saeng asked me to be the admins for sm india page in fb for a month.
so then i am off to spazz about my JJ and DBSK5 <3

so guys Always Keep The Faith!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


today was awesome!!

katya,debu,bhaswati,pamee,ira,serena,padu and myself.
we finally went to paharganj's korean restaurant,had so much fun!
we ate and spazzed a lot!!

but at the beginning it was really hard to look for the place.
it was like in the middle of nowhere!!
and seriously--paharganj was like so freaking "old" delhi type place,and poor me--cause of my stupid hair i was attracting so many unnecessary attention.even katya was like "sue!!ok now i am getting scared to walk with you!"...T_T

is my hair that bad??
wait i'll upload a pic!

its not that bad right??...o.O

anyway i am going to go rihanna red soon now,cause if i go home with this colour then my mom is gonna flip...=P

anyway back to the meet topic.

i am so glad i met katya!--it was cause of her i could meet all these wonderful people!
it was soooooooo nice talking to them...ok not the elf and cassie thing but it was fun in general.
this is my beloved katya::

oh and before i forget i met another cassie who's bias is yunnie and OTP is yunjae!!!!
it was sooooooo fun!!--her name is ira.
she is such a sweet heart!

ok i am off now.
tomorrow i got to meet bue's so called best girl friends....=D

i'll be back with more stories and maybe even more pics is they aint shy!

so here are the rest of the pics!

this is sweet padma.

with another cassie!!

L to R::debu,ira,pamee,bhaswati,serena

Friday, November 4, 2011

happy and satisfied!!!

after a whole day of PMSing...i am finally fine now.

yes!!--i did eat.infact i ate a whole lot more than just the hot chocolate fudge.
later for dinner i had fish and egg curry...=P

i know!i know!!--i will be so upset tomorrow because of my weight again.
but who cares??

lol...sometimes i cant believe my mood swings.
hmmm...i better do something about it otherwise i will scare my sweet bue away.

and yaayyyy!!
tomorrow we have the korean meet.
katyani,debu,bhaswati,padma,ira and many other kpop/drama/movie lover will meet and eat korean food and spazz about our bias.

cant wait to meet them!
its gonna be so much fun!!

oh and i'll make sure to upload many pics.

now i just wish i had more friends in this stupid blog,cause facebook is starting to get very annoying....=/

haha...ok now pics time!![saying just like uknow time!!]
* listening to KYHD * forbidden sinful pleasure.
WARNING::this is very injurious to your weight!!

ok!!---this may not look so mouth watering but i warn you---it was!!
my dinner,
living in delhi,away from has its own pros and cons uknow...=P

and this is the fatty me...=P

ps::my bue is slyly passing me a stupid comment..."you'll become what you think"
like duh!!!...go away you thin man!!
*evil laugh*

oh and one last pic for the day!!

"die fan girls!!!"
i did!!

horrible PMSing!!!


something seems to be wrong with me today...=|

i am getting upset over the most smallest stuff!!

and my poor bue seems to be the bali ka bhakra for me to vent out my anger...i am sorry bue..T_T

i was suppose to start my jogging from today but my partner blew up on me.but thats ok i guess cause i was feeling lazy anyway.

i have been holed up in my room for the past three--"THREE" days!!
i need to go out!!but i dont know where!!
i am so upset right now.

i feel fat!
i feel very fat!!!
i am sad...and now i wanna eat hot chocolate fudge with chocolate icecream!!---make that a double!

damn!!i dont understand why all the yummy things in life makes you fat??

the almighty GOD is sooooooooooooooo super unfair at times.

and i wanna write a fan fic for my OTP!---my head is on the verge of blowing up cause of too many scene but i can seem to pen it down!!

ok!!enough of my rambling!

i need to sop before i break my lappy into two halves!

and i really need this!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i am going crazy here!! (>.<)


here's the thing!!we have just launched a new blog and going shit crazy trying to make a decent header.
and i have quite noticed that my photoshop skill and also my multi-texting skill is in a very bad state!!

i cant even make a decent header!!


well..anyway here are some pics i "tried" editing!!

this one was horror!!

here is the second!!

the third!

the fourth

and finally i made a decent one but they tell me its scary!!

ps::how can RAI be scary??he is the most good looking vampire i have ever seen!!!

well any way i am done for the day.

will go off and feast on my boiled fish---yes!!i am on a diet!!

but before i go!
here is a little something to all the jae lovers!!

*sue rye is officially dead*