Sunday, September 9, 2012

elloooooo all!!!!!

i have shifted to a new flat now.
finally free from all the stupid headaches...=P

now its just practically my lil sis and me.
my brother is always and forever at south.

so now its just bunu, bue and me...=)

but there is a shortage of water here..but it should be fixed within a week now.

after that everything is fine.
its a big and spacey one.
got it for quite cheap.

these days the flats price have sky rocketed!

the flats which used to cost 7000-8000 is 15000-16000 now!!!!!

anyway...i am now editing some jaejoong pics for my dear friend "huma"...=)

will post a sample pic here.

and i finally managed to do thissssssss shit!!

and this is for my dear sis, who's birthday is today!
10th september 2012

and this was suppose to be for the cover pic contest but i made a big mistake with the spelling. it should have been "IKFG" but i wrote "IKGF"
so then i had to edit it all over again.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

more cover pics!!

ello all!!

it been a while since i was last here.
had gone home for summer break.

the internet speed is really bad there, so i edited some pics JPT..=)

here it is!!

DBSK cover pics for facebook (please take out with credits)

some yunjae love too

my submission for GD's upcoming birthday

and here is my lovely sister nishu...=)

that's all folks!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

today is my birthday!!!!!!!

but TTYTT i am not that excited.

delhi's heat is killing me..=(
wanna go home.

i just had a loooooooooog video chat with my friend.
it was for 3 and half hours!!

twas fun though.we spoke and spazzed about yunjae.
and while we were talking, the topic about nail art came up.

she was telling me about how she occasionally does it.

so i thought y not--i made a nail art of my own too.
its strawberries!!!!

although it may not look like it.but its somewhat close to it.

and i dont have a clue what or how should i do it.

anyway here is a pic..=)

sorry the quality of the pic is horrible but i dont know y my lappy wont connect with my phone...=(

i made jaejoong cover photos!!

here is the original pic.

i made one each for facebook and google+

if u want you can take it.

these are the exact resolutions.

this is for facebook cover pic

and this one is for google+

anyway happy birthday to me once again!!
and to all those who shares birthday with me.

here is KIM JAEJOONG singing happy birthday...=)