Friday, December 30, 2011

beautiful and yet affordable!!

i just found a page on facebook that sells jewelry.
she sells super cute stuff and at really cheap price.
i am surely gonna order after i am back to delhi.
if you want some then follow the link here!!

please visit the link,its worth the money and time.

ps::i thought of posting of pic but i dont know if the owner of the page will like it...=P

so next time guys!!

ok then the store i was talking about is giving out freebeis!!!!!!!!!
yayyyy!!!jump with joy!

but the catch here is that i got to do some stuff...nothing in the world is actually free
anyway i got to do a lil advertisement for them...well to tell the truth i have told many people about this page already.

anyway here is the link!
and it'd be nice if u(anyone reading this) can talk about this page to others..^^
go here::

so guys happy shopping!!

i totally forgot!!
these guys sell some really awesome korean accessories!!

so all ya korean freaks!!
go get the jewels!!

happy new year

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