Sunday, November 6, 2011

another fun sunday...=D

well like i had said last night i went to meet bue's friends.
it was fun..but my stupid bue sometimes he tends to forget i dont speak his he along with his friends were speaking in an alien language for an hour!!!---imagine me!without even speaking a word for an hour!!
god!!---i was so mad at him!!
but i told him later and made him a secret...=P

so my bue's friends were such a sweetheart!
adina and soft spoken and kind.
it was fun..
here's me with them.
i am soo fat...>.<

i orderded for a green apple soda and i got the cutest ice cubes..ummm more like weird shaped ice.

oooo...and i found the cutest sweaters!!but my bue said that i look like a kola in the brown one...=/
he doesn't have any sense of cuteness...=P
ok back to my sweaters...they are sooooooooo cute and i got it for so cheap,like dirt cheap!!

i am happy with sani saeng asked me to be the admins for sm india page in fb for a month.
so then i am off to spazz about my JJ and DBSK5 <3

so guys Always Keep The Faith!!


  1. Seems like sue s havin al d fun!!! <3 ^^

  2. oooooo

    i received a comment!!!


  3. kekeke unni spazz as much as you want! xD! unni O.O you can be admin as much as you want! even forever!! :D

  4. okies...well i am already spazzing uknow...=P

  5. yeah~ well I know U-know~ and everyone knows *O*~! and it's ROCKIN~!! *O*!!