Friday, November 4, 2011

happy and satisfied!!!

after a whole day of PMSing...i am finally fine now.

yes!!--i did eat.infact i ate a whole lot more than just the hot chocolate fudge.
later for dinner i had fish and egg curry...=P

i know!i know!!--i will be so upset tomorrow because of my weight again.
but who cares??

lol...sometimes i cant believe my mood swings.
hmmm...i better do something about it otherwise i will scare my sweet bue away.

and yaayyyy!!
tomorrow we have the korean meet.
katyani,debu,bhaswati,padma,ira and many other kpop/drama/movie lover will meet and eat korean food and spazz about our bias.

cant wait to meet them!
its gonna be so much fun!!

oh and i'll make sure to upload many pics.

now i just wish i had more friends in this stupid blog,cause facebook is starting to get very annoying....=/

haha...ok now pics time!![saying just like uknow time!!]
* listening to KYHD * forbidden sinful pleasure.
WARNING::this is very injurious to your weight!!

ok!!---this may not look so mouth watering but i warn you---it was!!
my dinner,
living in delhi,away from has its own pros and cons uknow...=P

and this is the fatty me...=P

ps::my bue is slyly passing me a stupid comment..."you'll become what you think"
like duh!!!...go away you thin man!!
*evil laugh*

oh and one last pic for the day!!

"die fan girls!!!"
i did!!

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