Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i am going crazy here!! (>.<)


here's the thing!!we have just launched a new blog and going shit crazy trying to make a decent header.
and i have quite noticed that my photoshop skill and also my multi-texting skill is in a very bad state!!

i cant even make a decent header!!


well..anyway here are some pics i "tried" editing!!

this one was horror!!

here is the second!!

the third!

the fourth

and finally i made a decent one but they tell me its scary!!

ps::how can RAI be scary??he is the most good looking vampire i have ever seen!!!

well any way i am done for the day.

will go off and feast on my boiled fish---yes!!i am on a diet!!

but before i go!
here is a little something to all the jae lovers!!

*sue rye is officially dead*

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