Friday, November 4, 2011

horrible PMSing!!!


something seems to be wrong with me today...=|

i am getting upset over the most smallest stuff!!

and my poor bue seems to be the bali ka bhakra for me to vent out my anger...i am sorry bue..T_T

i was suppose to start my jogging from today but my partner blew up on me.but thats ok i guess cause i was feeling lazy anyway.

i have been holed up in my room for the past three--"THREE" days!!
i need to go out!!but i dont know where!!
i am so upset right now.

i feel fat!
i feel very fat!!!
i am sad...and now i wanna eat hot chocolate fudge with chocolate icecream!!---make that a double!

damn!!i dont understand why all the yummy things in life makes you fat??

the almighty GOD is sooooooooooooooo super unfair at times.

and i wanna write a fan fic for my OTP!---my head is on the verge of blowing up cause of too many scene but i can seem to pen it down!!

ok!!enough of my rambling!

i need to sop before i break my lappy into two halves!

and i really need this!!

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