Saturday, November 5, 2011


today was awesome!!

katya,debu,bhaswati,pamee,ira,serena,padu and myself.
we finally went to paharganj's korean restaurant,had so much fun!
we ate and spazzed a lot!!

but at the beginning it was really hard to look for the place.
it was like in the middle of nowhere!!
and seriously--paharganj was like so freaking "old" delhi type place,and poor me--cause of my stupid hair i was attracting so many unnecessary attention.even katya was like "sue!!ok now i am getting scared to walk with you!"...T_T

is my hair that bad??
wait i'll upload a pic!

its not that bad right??...o.O

anyway i am going to go rihanna red soon now,cause if i go home with this colour then my mom is gonna flip...=P

anyway back to the meet topic.

i am so glad i met katya!--it was cause of her i could meet all these wonderful people!
it was soooooooo nice talking to them...ok not the elf and cassie thing but it was fun in general.
this is my beloved katya::

oh and before i forget i met another cassie who's bias is yunnie and OTP is yunjae!!!!
it was sooooooo fun!!--her name is ira.
she is such a sweet heart!

ok i am off now.
tomorrow i got to meet bue's so called best girl friends....=D

i'll be back with more stories and maybe even more pics is they aint shy!

so here are the rest of the pics!

this is sweet padma.

with another cassie!!

L to R::debu,ira,pamee,bhaswati,serena


  1. waaaaa!!!!*squeals with excitement* sue hs written bout me^________________^ *wipes tears of joy*
    I <3<3<3<3<3 *(a million times) U

  2. N sue chan's hair r my most beloved anime strands <3 <3

  3. kayta!!

    how can i not write about you??
    you are the best thing that happened to me..^^